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Launch Heroes Health at Your Health System

We know that you’re doing everything that you can to support your team, and we want to help you. That’s why Heroes Health is completely free to healthcare and EMS organizations and their workforce.

We’re ready to offer your community:
  • Weekly mental health symptom screenings, empowering your workforce to identify changes in their wellness and seek help early.

  • A custom, in-app listing the resources you already provide and vetted, national resources, including Crisis Text Line, the Disaster Distress Helpline, and teletherapy.

  • Weekly, aggregate reports to unit and organizational leadership on workforce wellness. (To protect employee anonymity, we only report aggregate data for worker groups of more than 10 team members.)

  • Each day, we will securely send your mental health support team a report of employees who have opted into organizational outreach and report mental health symptoms. This knowledge empowers your team to provide personalized support to your workforce by connecting them with relevant care.

  • Top-notch data security, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


See if Heroes Health is right for your workforce:

  1. Review the Heroes Health Information Packet, which includes an overview, example reports, consent language, and a survey content. 

  2. Try out the Heroes Health App available at the App Store and on Google Play.

  3. Send us your questions about the Initiative and how it could benefit your team.

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